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Yoni Steaming At Home

New style yoni steaming boxes that pack flat, are now available for delivery so you can steam at home.

Secret Women's Business

Heart and Soul of Wellness regularly holds small group yoni steaming sessions were you can learn more about this amazing medicine.

Womb Wellness

Our products and services are time honoured womens practices. They are not new. They will empower you to learn about your marvelous female body and become an advocate for your own health.

I love sharing with women. How we can rediscover our body wisdom and inner knowing. How we can reconnect with the magic and mystery of the menstrual cycle and the influence of the moon. How we can bring Great Mother God back into our lives. How we can love, support and lift each up.

Sali McIntyre

Well Womb Mentor

What we offer

Yoni Steaming

Also known as a Vaginal steam, a V-steam, Yoni steaming is an integral Self Care practice that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Combining the properties of healing herbs with the potency of water and steam this ancient womens’ medicine will balance your menstrual cycle and foster a deep connection with your womb. Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word that means womb. It embodies the divine feminine energy that is present within us all.

Postpartum Steaming

Under expert guidance, postnatal steaming promotes cleansing of the womb after birth, soothes tears and stitches and helps to heal the placenta site. Encourages the pelvic organs to return to their pre-pregnancy positions. Nourishes and supports the new mama bringing her back to her centre.

Herbs In Healing

Women have traditionally used herbs to heal illnesses and the common ailments of their family. After all herbs are the basis of modern medicine. But as more and more people become dissatisfied with allopathic medicine they are once again turning to Mother Earth for her healing herbs.

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