Sali McIntyre

I’m Sali, mother of 4, grandmother, author of Womb medicine and co founder of Heart and Soul of Wellness and Heart and Soul Retreat Space in Northern NSW where I live.  I am a registered midwife, Arvigo® practitioner, childbirth educator and prenatal Yoga teacher. I consider myself to be part of the Birth Revolution and offer classes to empower women to have normal physiological births.

I am passionate about teaching women to understand their body and tap into their menstrual cycle. What does it means to live life as a woman in a female body.   Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel connected to your womb? If you don’t you’re certainly not alone.

At Heart and Soul of Wellness we facilitate both individual and group Yoni steam sessions, and are passionate about making steaming available for postnatal mamas.  I really enjoy bringing women together in our beautiful space where we can share and speak our truth, share our vulnerabilities and insecurities as women inhabiting human bodies, be seen, held and not judged.   This is where our wounds are soothed and healing happens. Women supporting women.

Womb Wellness is not just about the physical and energetic health of your reproductive system. It is also about being connected with your intuition and feminine Self. It is about understanding your mystical ability to create and manifest your dreams every month. Once you relearn the significance of the menstrual cycle you have access to your very own magical gifts of manifestation . It is about being aware of your cyclical nature and recognising that your womb sheds and renews its lining just as the moon waxes and wanes and goes from new to full every month.  You can let go of what didn’t work over the past month in order for new growth and opportunities to blossom. 

One of your womb’s gifts is not only to create babies but to birth creative ideas and projects. With this knowledge of your own connection to the moon, the tides and the Great Mother Goddess Herself comes peace and certainty and the deep inner knowing that you are safe, honoured and loved for who you are. In your own skin.


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