I have recently returned from Mexico where I had the privilege of studying with a traditional Mayan midwife named Dona Raphaela Can Ake in her village in Yukatan.  I was a part of a women’s retreat led by Sarah Gress, who was not just our host, but our translator and interpreter. Sarah anticipated and met […]

Yoni Steaming for Birth Preparation

Yoni steaming otherwise known as Vaginal steaming or V steaming has become a much loved self-care practice for many women in the last decade or so. It has helped women manage painful periods, become pregnant and recover quickly after birth. Now it is arising as a means to prepare the birthing body for labour and […]

First Time Steamer Experience

I have lived on this wonderful planet of ours for 66 years,11 months and it took 65 years of those years before the words, let alone the practice of Yoni Steaming entered my stratosphere. I must say I’m up for almost any and every holistic practice that’s out there, although I do like to think […]

Part 2…The Witch Wound

All comparisons to birth aside, the writing and publishing of the book was very harrowing. Apart from my own self doubt, the other reason this book caused me so much grief was the witch wound. Who has heard of this? It is a very real fear buried in the collective subconscious of women that stems […]

Part 1…Book Baby

Book Baby You often hear about authors speaking about their book and likening it to the conception, gestation, labour and birth of a baby. As a midwife, I can attest to that.  I had easy pregnancies and four wonderful home births.  So my book Womb Medicine was certainly my most challenging baby and birth. Gestation […]

It’s Time, the Witch Wound and “Putting myself out there”

It’s Time, the Witch Wound and “Putting myself out there”. The full moon is waning. 2021 is already a quarter of the way gone. It’s TIME ! I think that was an election slogan a while back. For me it’s TIME I stopped whingeing about the persecution wound, the witch wound/the sister wound/the pain body […]