First Time Steamer Experience

I have lived on this wonderful planet of ours for 66 years,11 months and it took 65 years of those years before the words, let alone the practice of Yoni Steaming entered my stratosphere. I must say I’m up for almost any and every holistic practice that’s out there, although I do like to think about how I will benefit, and what do I need to do to fully partake to receive the best outcome.

The awareness of Yoni Steaming was all due to my Sister-in Law, Sali McIntyre AKA the Wise Womb. Sali was in the process of writing her first book on the subject. Now, Sali, is an absolute wealth of knowledge on women’s health, the range of study Sali has undergone is just phenomenal. From the traditional mid-wife degree to many many years of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® in some of the most amazing places in the world. Add in her yoga qualifications, herb knowledge, personal journey and commitment to women’s health and you end up with one heck of a human being.

Although I knew all this of Sali, I must say every time Yoni Steaming came up I scratched my head, rolled my eyes and thought….WHY???? Then I thought, why not! Think of all the processes you have tried over the years to keep your body healthy and feeling as good as possible.. I’ve consumed organ detox potions, lotions to try and hold back the ageing process so why not a womb process. After all, when you are a breath away from 67 years, the womb has more than played her part in your life.

My own years of menstruation were pretty bad, massive clotting and pain every month. After visiting many gynaecologists over the years, all males, their advice never varied, pain is common, you’ll grow out of it, let’s try you on the pill, nope, that didn’t work, OK we’ll give you a dilation and curette. So many D&C’s, that did not work long term at all. Then I had prolapse at 30. One child, two miscarriages, second child, an ablation, I did grow out of the pain. It only took 33 years though. Had Yoni Steaming been in my radar all those years ago, I would certainly have looked further into it.

So here we are, the universe aligned my visit to Sali’s Centre in time to attend the monthly Yoni Steam Session. I was very happy to attend but still a bit hmmmm about it. I made a conscious decision to just go with the flow, so I opted to steam with the group and not privately.  I helped Sali set up the room and collected fresh herbs from the garden and nervously waited for the session to commence.

Ladies arrived one by one, some are veteran steamers and some are virgin steamers like me. We introduce ourselves and engage in general chit chat as we wait for all participants to arrive. Sali guides us into the main room which is set up into two zones. Zone one has yoga mats, pouffe’s, blankets, pillows, welcoming gift bag and a bound booklet with so much information on steaming, herbs and the female anatomy.

Sali invites us to sit and introduce ourselves to the group and our maternal lineage as far back as we can, and a quick blurb of whatever comes to mind. Everything here is optional, you feel safe and know you are in a space of non judgement. Next, we follow Sali’s instructions on some gentle stretching, we rub a beautiful oil blend across our mid-riffs and gently self massage the abdomen. Everything has an easy flow to it. Incense gently wafts through the room, beautiful music plays in the background and all is well. Nothing is hurried or out of alignment.

We then adjourn to the kitchen, choose our appropriate fresh herbs, guided by Sali, add them to our individual pots to soak and simmer. The aroma is heady and beautiful. As the herbs release their properties into our pots, we prepare our lower bodies by removing our undies, some have long flowing skirts, there are sarongs, robes and towels. We carefully carry our pots to our
steam stools and sit. A bit of wriggling around to get comfy, again Sali guides us through a meditation. We sit quietly enjoying the aromas in the room and the feeling of the aromatic steam entering our bodies. It is like a warm gentle hug entering and then encompassing you. As a group, we sing some feel good songs, no one cares if you can sing or not.

Just like that the actual steam has ended. When ready, we pour the herb pot into the garden, get dressed and back to our pouffe’s to close the session. Although this was my first steam, it won’t be my last. It was a really great experience across all aspects, meeting new people, hearing their stories, picking herbs, sitting in and at peace. Thank you to Sali and the ladies in my session.

That is the actual order of the day. It outlines how the hours are passed at a Yoni Steam Session but not actual feelings and take home message. I just loved the ceremony of the event. The feeling of safety that enables you to reveal your thoughts, hopes, wishes and future pathway. You realise you are not alone. There may be tears, words of encouragement and or congratulations, maybe it will be a hug, I’m sure it will be slightly different at every session. After all, as humans we are all so different, but one thing is for sure. Support is there for you at Heart and Soul of Wellness. I left relaxed, so cozy and a contentment that radiated from the inside out. This feeling lasted for many hours.

That was my first experience but won’t be my last. While it was wonderful to be guided and supported, it is an easy set up for home. I would definitely recommend all to have this experience at least once in your life. I’m betting it won’t be just once. So thank you Sali for alerting me to this practice and creating a beautiful safe environment to partake.

Written by Kath, NSW