It’s Time, the Witch Wound and “Putting myself out there”

It’s Time, the Witch Wound and “Putting myself out there”.

The full moon is waning. 2021 is already a quarter of the way gone. It’s TIME !

I think that was an election slogan a while back.

For me it’s TIME I stopped whingeing about the persecution wound, the witch wound/the sister wound/the pain body wound/ collective emotional pain body of women. Whichever one you identify with, they all have the same subliminal message. Stay small and stay safe.

These wounds though not new, seem to have been given recent airplay in newly published books, blogs and in the collective cyberspace meeting place/library where we all gather, each at our own computer in our own country, space and time. My spot is the kitchen bench perched on a high stool or standing in Tree Pose whilst clackety clacking at the keyboard and reading interesting articles on the infinite World Wide web. Luckily for me my beautiful garden and the trees draw me outside after a time but if its raining I might be there for hours. Lost in cyberspace exploring the endless library of new knowledge, exciting research and mind blowing discoveries about life and the human body. Finding inspiring teachers, new language, and new courses.

But the witch wound is a deep fear of being seen. It comes from the Burning Times when millions of women were burnt, hung or drowned for their knowledge of herbs, healing and midwifery. This fear of persecution and being dobbed in by their neighbours led them underground and which is probably why in fiction and/or fairytales, witches are always portrayed as living in the deep dark woods with their cat or familiar surrounded by herbs and muttering spells over their potions.

Well that sums me up. I live in the deep, dark rainforest, not with my cat but my partner and our Staffie, surrounded by herbs, some growing, some drying and some being made into potions, oils and yoni steam blends. And my partner would definitely say that I mutter.

One part of me is very content to be hidden away at the end of our beautiful valley. I consider myself so blessed to live in Northern NSW in sight of our mystical mountain. I love gardening.

I love writing, I love learning. If I didn’t have to leave here I could continue to do all these amazing courses offered online and maybe there would come a time when I thought I knew enough to come out of hiding and be able to offer something worthwhile to the world. Somehow I doubt it as one of my default head chatter scripts is that I don’t know anything.

Even though I have numerous Yoga Teaching qualifications, a Childbirth Education diploma, a Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery, Hypnobirthing qualifications, Peristeam facilitator credentials. I have done trainings with Birthing from Within and Birthlight Institute. I have done courses in herbalism, Tapping, Psych K

I am a certified practitioner and Self Care Instructor of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. I have done the Wholistic Pelvic Health course with Tami Lynn Kent, and trained to do Fertility Massage, Lomi Lomi massage.

So these are some of my diplomas and credentials and are only the ones I can remember. They have all been face to face and have usually entailed travelling at least interstate if not overseas, to show up eager and keen to learn.

Then there are the courses I have signed up for on line, usually but not always when I’ve had my morning coffee and my mental acuity is at its best (or so I like to think). “OMG I think, That course sounds soooooo amazing and She/He/They/Whoever is ssoooooooooo amazing and they know so much more than I do and I just have to sign up and Look its reduced from $227 to only $47!! These courses are indeed fabulous but I don’t think I have ever finished one of them. Some I haven’t even started!

On reflection, this is all part of my particular Witch Wound. The one that keeps me hiding away doing more courses so that I don’t actually have to stand up and hang out my own banner. I never think I know enough so I keep looking to learn new stuff so that one day I will say, OK it’s safe to venture out now. I know enough now. Look out world here I come !

I don’t want to stay hidden forever. It’s not like I’m not already putting myself out there. Most of you know that I recently published my book Womb Medicine and the Womb Medicine cards will soon be here, with another book on the way.  I facilitate a Pregnancy Circle, Postnatal Mamas and bubs group and do monthly Yoni Steam and Preparing your Partner for Birth sessions at our centre, Heart and Soul of Wellness in Murwillumbah.

But I’ve kept within my own safety zone. One of the reasons I have done so many courses is that I have wanted to hide behind an organization and hang my hat up on their bunting so rather than just be Sali, prenatal Yoga teacher (who spent many hundred of dollars on trainings) I could be Sali, Birthlight teacher. Rather than be Sali, childbirth educator, I could be a Hypnobirthing Instructor instead (take your pick, Marie Mongan method or Hypnobirthing Australia method). Rather than trusting my own learning about Yoni Steaming (that included writing a book about it) I did  courses with Steamy Chick to become an accredited Peri steam facilitator and thus felt “qualified” enough to offer yoni steams to women and postnatal mamas.

Anyway all of this is the backdrop to my own Witch wound. I have been Oh so scared!! My mentors, friends and web designers have been telling me to write a blog for years. What is the worst that could happen? People don’t read it? I am actually very comfortable with the written word. I love to write. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was little.

The next phase in healing my witch wound and “putting myself out there” will be my own podcast. Having been interviewed by other people on their podcasts (which was truly nerve wracking), I actually think it would be fun to be on the other side of the microphone. I already have my theme music picked out !

So Its TIME !! I have written my first blog and this is it! I welcome your thoughts, feedback and reflections on your own Witch wound.