I have recently returned from Mexico where I had the privilege of studying with a traditional Mayan midwife named Dona Raphaela Can Ake in her village in Yukatan. 

I was a part of a women’s retreat led by Sarah Gress, who was not just our host, but our translator and interpreter. Sarah anticipated and met our every need as we learnt not just about traditional Mayan midwifery techniques and massage, but the customs and daily lives of the Maya people in Yukatan, past and present. She also served as our guide to the sacred power places of the Maya, where we had the opportunity to visit pyramids and cenotes off the beaten track. We participated in cacao and temezcal ceremonies and received traditional Mayan healings. We learnt about traditional herbs, many of which were familiar to me, such as rue, rosemary, oregano and lavender.

I was surrounded by a loving group of women with whom I shared common interests and the English language. Rather like being on a school excursion, I didn’t even really have to think for myself.

After the retreat I set off solo, but encountered an unexpected language barrier and culture shock that quickly shook me out of my comfort zone. I thought I knew enough Spanish to get by, but when I tried to communicate with a mix of Spanglish, hand gestures, and Google Translate, I was met with blank stares and confusion. I felt like a stranger in a foreign land and was a bit intimidated by the experience. I found solace in listening to the audiobook “Letters from a Starseed” by Rebecca Campbell. Listening to the English language and Rebecca’s voice helped to soothe my nerves.

On the last leg of my journey I flew from Oaxaca to Playa del Carmen on the coast and down to Belize. There were mishaps along the way such as missing my flight and losing my passport in Mexico City airport. I sat in a Full Moon ceremony on the beach at Playa del Carmen and watched the Moon rise up over the Caribbean sea.

I ate lots of guacamole and tortillas in vegan restaurants, not because I’m vegan but because the staff were always friendly and were happy for me to just sit and watch the world go by (with my headphones and Rebecca Campbell in my ears).

The final stretch of my journey brought me to Belize, where I had the privilege of meeting up with Rosita Arvigo at Chaa Creek. When I placed my Womb Medicine trilogy in her hands it felt like the culmination of a personal pilgrimage. It was under Rosita’s guidance that I first learnt about the practice of vaginal steaming, and I am honoured that she agreed to write the foreword to my book.

In my last days there, I enjoyed the beauty and luxury of the resort at Chaa Creek. I was privileged to receive a Spiritual Bath which felt cleansing, restorative and revitalizing. It was a reminder to me of the beauty and simplicity of Earth based rituals and the healing power of water.

This trip was a mix of sublime moments, difficult days, and valuable lessons. I’m still integrating it all.

When I arrived back in Murwillumbah, the first place I visited was IGA. People welcomed me with smiles, and I immediately felt a sense of familiarity and belonging. I recognised the non-verbal cues, body language, and nuances of communication that are unique to this place. In no time, I went from being a stranger in a strange land to feeling at home.<

Now that I am back, I feel privileged, grateful, and committed to collaborating with the wonderful practitioners at Heart and Soul of Wellness and the people in my community. I will continue to offer my Prepare Your Partner for Birth workshop every month. As a community, we are coming together to organise the Birth Wellness Festival, which will take place on Saturday June 22 which is the Solstice weekend of 2024.

The revised edition of “Womb Medicine: The Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming for Women’s Health” is expected to arrive soon. This new edition includes a chapter on D.I.Y Yoni steam at home as well as additional information and insights that I’ve gained since writing the first edition. I’ve been working on the second book, “Womb Medicine: The Birth Edition”, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

Thanks for reading this far. I’m excited to learn more about you and the work you do. By working together, we can positively impact our local communities and beyond. ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’.

The Womb Medicine trilogy,
*Womb Medicine, the book
*Womb Medicine, the Healing cards
* Womb Medicine, the Journal, Your Guide to Manifesting with the Moon and Your Menstrual Cycle

*Training in the Art of traditional Mayan Midwifery, Massage, Herbalism & Fertility work with Sarah Gress. For more information contact Sarah on

*Letters from a Star Seed by Rebecca Campbell