Part 2…The Witch Wound

All comparisons to birth aside, the writing and publishing of the book was very harrowing. Apart from my own self doubt, the other reason this book caused me so much grief was the witch wound. Who has heard of this?

It is a very real fear buried in the collective subconscious of women that stems from the days of the Inquisition and the Burning Times when women were burnt, hung or drowned for being witches. In actual fact they were mostly midwives, healers or wise women who were accused by the Church of healing folks with herbs instead of cow towing to the Patriarchal all fearful male God who reigned supreme and who was the only one considered to be able to heal. This is why many of us, myself included want to stay small and shy away from being seen.  We were forced to live hidden in the forest on the outskirts of society which no surprise is where I live today !

I was terrified someone was going to take some information out of my book, use it and hurt themselves. And when it came to having a book published and being asked to go on podcasts and for interviews, my fear escalated. I’m a great believer in Feel the Fear and Do it anyway but that didn’t make it easy. Now I know you just open your mouth and trust what comes out of it. It’s still not easier but my self belief has grown and I do trust the process !!


Do you have a book in you?

You don’t have to be the first or the best though I must say there was incentive to be the first to write a book on Yoni Steaming (as far as I know I am the second). If you believe as I do that everything is energy, we are all energy, we each have our unique energetic signature and what you birth into the world will appeal to someone in a way that my book won’t……….then you have to trust that your book/cards will land in the hands of those it is meant to.

…… be continued