What’s in a name?

Heart and Soul of Wellness was imagined into being in 2014. When we bought the old house on the river we did extensive renovations to create a beautiful light environment that inspires and uplifts people to this day.

We diligently met all the necessary conditions for a development application (DA). We consulted with Lana Wittington from Dakini Space Alchemy to harmonise the building according to sacred geometry and Feng Shui principles. She also guided the colours and images of the beautiful lead light windows which became a feature of the centre, alongside artwork, crystals and themed practitioner rooms. We designed the logo based on the ‘Hands of Light’ painting by Belinda Paton from New Zealand (pictured at the top of this blog post), which hangs in the front room of the centre. The painting captures meaningful elements such as hands of light in spirals of water, the gold heart illuminated by white light, and an overarching golden corona and infinity symbol in a pink sky. This inspired our colour scheme for the website which continues to this day.  

With guidance from Lisa Fitzpatrick of Sacred Women’s Business, we developed our mission statement, which was/is to provide a beautiful and peaceful environment to encourage healthy pregnancy and birth, where classes will be held in yoga, meditation, hypnobirthing and other wholistic modalities. Services offered include prenatal yoga, massage, childbirth education, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and chiropractic care. Additionally, there are workshops, trauma-related services, women’s circles, and tarot readings. Women come together to connect, share, and heal under the banner of wellness.

So what to call our budding enterprise ? 

Inspired by Mother Well, a holistic healthcare centre in New Zealand, I delved into the idea of wellness. What does wellness mean? Is it the opposite of illness, or is it something more profound that goes beyond the physical? Heart and Soul of Wellness was eventually the title we chose to address the spiritual and esoteric tenets and underlying philosophy of our heart-centred business.

The theme continued when I wrote and published the Womb Medicine series. Womb Wellness was created to highlight the importance of uterine health for women from menarche to menstruation. It was also designed to showcase yoni steaming as well as the books, cards, and womb-related products. 

Then came Birth Wellness to highlight the importance of wellness for mamas and families. The health and wellbeing of a mama and her baby have a major impact on the future health and wellness of the family and the entire community. The saying that all that matters is a healthy baby is not setting the bar very high. Of course, every mama wants this. However, the way she experiences pregnancy and birth will influence her bond with her baby, her approach to future pregnancies and births, as well as her spiritual well-being.

And so the theme for the Birth Wellness Festival was dreamed up. Firmly grounded in the belief that the way we bring our children into the world is important, the festival aims to bring people together to inform and educate women and families about their birth choices. 

It is still about wellness; well mamas, well babies, families and communities. We are gathering for the third year so that mamas can meet the dedicated midwives, doulas and holistic practitioners who support them throughout their pregnancy journey. When we come together as a community we create change. 

You can see the programme and get your tickets here: https://events.humanitix.com/birth-wellness-festival-2024