Yoni Steaming for Birth Preparation

Yoni steaming otherwise known as Vaginal steaming or V steaming has become a much loved self-care practice for many women in the last decade or so. It has helped women manage painful periods, become pregnant and recover quickly after birth. Now it is arising as a means to prepare the birthing body for labour and birth. Before I go any further, it is absolutely essential to know that steaming is contraindicated during pregnancy. 

The only exception to this is in the last few weeks. A pregnancy is considered full term at 37 weeks when baby’s organs are fully developed, and he is able to breathe and survive outside the womb on his own.

Steaming for Labour Preparation begins at 38 weeks. It is not meant to bring on labour. If it does, it is because baby was ready to be born. Same as acupuncture, sex, drinking red raspberry leaf tea won’t bring on labour unless baby is ready. 

In order for the birthing body to be ready to go into labour it needs good circulation, lubrication and relaxation. In the last weeks of pregnancy many mamas are tired, uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping.  Sitting over the gentle warmth of steam with fragrant herbs is relaxing and soothing and a chance to connect with baby and prepare for labour. 

The benefits of steaming for labour include increasing circulation to the whole pelvic area,  softening the cervix and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

But it’s best loved attribute is that of relaxation. Aaaaah think of what it feels like to sink into a nice hot bath. Think Oxytocin. Think the fragrance of herbs. Think Softness, Openness. Steaming will help you sleep better at a time when you may be waking up many times a night. This practice is gentle. The steam is very mild and the session only goes for 10 minutes. There is no scientific evidence to support its beneficence. Only women’s stories. 

If you have read this far and this appeals I am reaching out to pregnant mamas at the end of their pregnancy who are willing to try this gentle grass roots practice to prepare for their birth. I will supply the herbs and the guidance and we can work together to achieve optimal birth readiness.

Ph. Sali on 0417 439 394 or email me at salimcintyre@hotmail.com if you would like a copy of my booklet Steaming to Prepare for Labour and Birth. 

Love and Blessings, Sali